Why choose ECC Japanese Language Institute?

ECC is the language school with the largest number of students in Japan.

  • Learner centered - Instead of learning passively, ECC encourages you to actively acquire your exclusive Japanese language – "My Japanese".
  • Our curriculum provides you with a good balance of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to produce the results you need.
  • Fun in learning - Having fun motivates you to learn more. An enjoyable and fulfilling class is waiting for you at ECC.
  • Real-life Japanese - ECC always seeks to create a classroom directly connected to our real life

School Locations

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Centrally located in Honshu between Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya is the spiritual home of both Ninja and the Samurai warriors! Spend time exploring the historical castles and temples or head to more modern attractions, including the Toyota Museum of Industry and Technology!

Nagoya School Homepage
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The fusion of centuries of tradition with the modern make Tokyo a unique city. Whether you're looking for the fashions of Harajuku, the Otaku culture of Akihabara, living and studying in Tokyo will be an experience you'll never forget!

Shinjuku School Homepage

About ECC Group

ECC began as a small English conversation school in 1962. Since then, we have spent countless hours developing ways to better achieve our goal of training students to become truly internationally-minded people with strong leadership skills, and to also help connect people with others, and to their future.


ECC Japanese Language Institute (ECC 日本語学院) was founded in 1992. In the 29 years since our founding, we have continued to transform large numbers of foreign exchange students into talented individuals who can flourish in the global community.

With schools in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kobe, ECC offers Japanese courses for entering into a Japanese university, graduate program, or vocational college. Our aim is to enrich our students' lives and make it possible for them to flourish in their chosen endeavours.

ECC Founding Philosophy

It is our goal through the teaching of foreign languages, to contribute to the development of our students' capabilities, international awareness and leadership qualities. In this way, we hope to promote more interaction and understanding among the peoples of the world, thus helping to contribute to world peace.

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